Non-Profit Projects

Housekrant #49

Since I live in Berlin I like to work for nonprofit companies or associations once in a while. The following collection is about my favorite work I have done for Housekrant in 2009, a magazine for young people between 12 and 18 years in open and closed institutions in the Netherlands.
The magazine was launched in 1997 and is being given by Defence for Children International.

For this one I was lucky that I had to portray the singer P!nk for the front cover. For the back cover they wished to have her again in addition to the crossword puzzle that they always have on the back cover of their issues.

For these illustration backgrounds I ripped apart checkered paper, stitched some parts together again so (to make it a DIN A4 format again) and splattered blue ink on it. After the drying process I scanned the pages and started drawing the portraits from medium resolution photos I've found on the interwebs and combining the background with P!nk's portrait. I love to do stuff like that.The more the illustration gets complicated the more I'm happy.

Kontrast #8

The following illustration is only one of many works I've done for the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V., but it's by far my favourite. It was supposed to be the cover for the last issue of the magazine Konstrast, which was never printed due to a lack of funding and sponsors. Nontheless I decided to publish all the issues that were designed and edited by my former colleagues and mine too on

For this issue I was in charge of the editorial design, graphics, art direction and whatever was needed. We had about 8 writers who gave me their digitalized manuscripts and I did the rest. The former cover designs and editorial designs were made by my former colleagues and I was asked to improve the designs for the following and last issue.
Kontrast Magazin is about a specific sector of Kreuzberg, which is the Mehringplatz here. Since about 70% of the residents are older people around the age of 65 to 80, but the editor in chief wanted the magazine to appeal to teenagers etc. too, we had to come up with something that could be interesting for both sides. Former issues showed that photographies of the sector were not a good idea and a survey showed that most of the readers of the mag would love an illustration and or a face on the cover. Unfortunately it was quite impossibl to find someone who wanted to pose for the cover, so I had the idea to illustrate an older person.

The whole issue was a huge work, not only because I had to work on it pretty much on my own and the colleagues and editor in chief changed their decisions randomly multiple times in the editorial meetings. It was fun though I would love to do that again.

Here you can read the Issue #8 (german)

About the KMA e.V.

The Kreuzberg Musical Action Association, short KMA, carries out projects and workshops in schools and extracurricular leisure activities and motivates the kids to meaningful leisure time activities, against xenophobia, racism and antisemitism in Berlin and Brandenburg. The KMA networked many smaller initiatives and associations committed to a social, cultural and civic commitment to a tolerant, social, and respectful society.

Kiosco - Christmas eCards

November 2010 the nice lady named Katrien Stevens asked me to contribute an illustratration as an eCard for a free christmas calendar on Kiosco. And that's what I did. Tadaah!

Luisa-Trudy Devins

This was quite unusual. I was entitled to draw something for a friend, who just gave birth to her first supercute daughter, Luisa-Trudy. I just went to sweden that month, so I totally felt swedish and felt drawing something in that style.
Drawn with pencils and watercolour on paper.